Why You Should Select a Boutique Bankruptcy Law Firm

So, you’re considering hiring a boutique bankruptcy law firm to handle your case. If you’re seeking the service and experience that comes with concentrated expertise in that area of law, to enhance your chances of a competently handled bankruptcy case, a boutique approach is the way to go.

Let’s begin with a look at why a boutique bankruptcy law firm like the Law office of Matthew C. Swanson is the best choice for your bankruptcy case.


First, aside from the prestige and fancy air you’ll conjure when you drop the word “boutique,” in small talk during social occasions, the boutique bankruptcy law label is a reference to the concentrated, focused expertise you’ll find at the Law office of Matthew C. Swanson.

Boutique means you’re getting dedicated experience, and that the firm isn’t spending time and resources practicing several other areas of law. Your primary concern is bankruptcy, and that’s Attorney Swanson’s only focus. You’ll get the benefit of our full attention and deep-dive experience, a level of service that other firms will be hard-pressed to match, even the larger firms since their time and skill is spread over several categories of law.

Attorney Matthew C. Swanson has been practicing bankruptcy law in Massachusetts’ state and district court jurisdictions since 2004 and 2005, respectively. His areas of practice include Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Consumer Bankruptcy, and Small Business Bankruptcy. With Swanson handling your case, you’ll rest easy in the hands of an attorney with 15 years dedicated to bankruptcy law.


The Law office of Matthew C. Swanson provides more in-depth service to its bankruptcy clients than a larger firm providing representation on multiple areas of law would be able to provide. You’ll get the personalized, long-term commitment from a dedicated attorney on your case and can rest well with the secure knowledge that your case will be consistently managed, even if your needs extend over long periods of time.

Lawyers at big firms often have caseloads of as many as 100 cases, and several attorneys and paralegals may wind up working on your case throughout the course of its lifetime. With such overworked professionals, quality of work will inevitably suffer. The Law office of Matthew C. Swanson is sized just right to ensure we spend quality time with our clients to ensure we’re doing a good, thorough job with your case.

A boutique bankruptcy firm will also be better able to adapt to changing situations as your case progresses, and can be in immediate touch in an unforeseen emergency. A small, intimate firm can assign a go-to person to handle your questions and concerns, and that person will be easily reachable in those situations, often at the other end of a cell phone.

At the Law office of Matthew C. Swanson, we’re free to take on as little or as much work as makes sense for us and our clients. We’re not under pressure to work with a big caseload or to close a certain number of cases in a quarter or year. We’re working toward quality, not quantity.


A boutique bankruptcy law firm has focused its attorneys and legal staff on that area specifically. That expertise serves them, and you, well when it’s time to assess your specific situation. A specialized law firm will know the ins and outs of your business, and how bankruptcy law applies to your specific situation. They’ve done this work before, often, and with a variety of people and businesses.

In many cases, the attorneys and staff will have handled cases like your own many times before, and will be familiar with the processes required, and know the names of and how to contact the officials, clerks, and administrative assistants to make your case move smoothly.


A smaller firm is more agile, attentive, focused and personally connected to its clients, and while those are significant advantages in their own right, they also contribute to another big perk to working with boutique law firms: clout.

Smaller firms have a more developed and authentic reputation and significant relationships that undoubtedly aid their clients. They’re well known in the community, particularly with the judges that will be assigned to your case.

For the client, this means more smoothly handled cases and a better chance at the most favorable outcome for the client.

The Law office of Matthew C. Swanson, bankruptcy lawyer Matthew C. Swanson is well prepared to help you map the path toward your fresh financial start, with a nimble, focused and personal approach.

Don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with Swanson and have your bankruptcy handled by a seasoned attorney.

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