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Does it Seem Like Your Debts are Insurmountalble?

In an economy where millions of fellow Americans face foreclosure, it may seem like your debts are insurmountable. It is important to know that you do have rights and options as a consumer. The Law office of Matthew C. Swanson is dedicated to helping people and businesses take control of their financial future and get a fresh start through debt relief.

We Have the Experience You Need

Matthew C. Swanson, PC can stop foreclosures, lawsuits, repossessions, and garnishments.  Additionally, Attorney Swanson personally helps each clients.  He has successfully helped hundreds of clients eliminate credit-card debt, medical bills, and junior mortgages.  It is vital that you contact a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who specializes in this very technical field.  Not all attorneys are created equal, nor are bankruptcy proceedings.  There are distinct differences among the various chapters of bankruptcy and an experienced attorney like Matthew Swanson can carefully explain the benefits and detriments of filing each chapter of bankruptcy and achieving debt relief.

If you choose the Law office of Matthew C. Swanson, you will be working closely with one attorney.  Together you and your attorney will carefully find a solution tailor-made for you – whether it is filing bankruptcy, avoiding foreclosure, managing credit-card debt or resolving medical bills.

Let Matthew C. Swanson, PC Help You Today

If you are struggling with debt, you can’t afford to pass up a free consultation about filing with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  Contact Matthew C. Swanson, PC today.

Matthew C. Swanson, PC services all of Plymouth County, Bristol County, Norfolk County, and Barnstable County.

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